My confession and origins of this blog:

Drizzled with Chocolate is my latest venture in a long list of food/travel/fashion/domestic blogs, I have attempted to launch. So far the sheer task of having a concrete writing schedule and the responsibility of maintaining a modern chic website in a world where new blogs are so common, has overwhelmed me. However self-expression and all the interests above are important to me. So I am determined this will be my final attempt and fingers crossed my first success.

So, what will you read about?:

I have decided to narrow down this particular blog to food with my various daily happenings thrown in. I feel if devote too much time to all the aspects of my interests, I will overwhelm myself and any passing blog browser.


Please bear in mind since I have just started seriously blogging the site may be a tad unorganized. Hopefully the longer I can maintain it, the more professional it will look!

Also feel free to use any of this site’s content, but please remember to credit and email me! I’d love to hear all your compliments (hopefully), comments and criticisms!

Emma xo