Formal attire seems almost dated in an age where sweat pants and stained t-shirts have become staples in the common man’s/woman’s closet. Even at official events jeans are common place and the most formal part of people’s appearance is their makeup (at least as far as women go). I feel for many of my most treasured and distinctive apparel, there is simply no occasion to showcase them. This year despite the effort involved, I intend to try and dress up as much as possible. Hopefully I can still let my dressy clothes shine while they still hold their fresh or unique appeal.

The outfit I put together below contains a very sentimental article of clothing. The skirt war purchased in Singapore (where I lived for 2 years) and is part of the uniform for flight attendants. Though I also own the top (substitutes nicely as a layering piece) I wanted the skirt to shine individually. I paired it with a thin cotton blouse, adorable bowed peep toe heels and socks due to the chilly conditions. The ring is an online purchase and despite its large size, the intricate detail makes it delicate when paired with other loud pieces.