‘Organization is a hobby of mine’ is a statement you seldom hear from any home maker old or young, but it just so happens to be my passion. For me, there is nothing like the delight and elation in opening drawers and closets where you can instantly identify where everything is.  This weekend I took the time to tackle some of the worst culprits for mess, namely some neglected bedside drawers.  The procedure is simple: clear everything out of the space, throw away anything unnecessary and replace things by grouping similar items together.

Below are some tidy areas to inspire. First a box of old hotel key cards collected from travels. Eventually I’d like to do some kind of display with them, but in the mean time I just needed organization. I hand painted and decorated the box one rainy afternoon, I thought the shells reminiscent of seasides and sunshine would provide me with some optimism for clearer days. The DVDs make up a part of my collection that has filled countless shelves, and the model of New York is from about 5 years ago, acquired on top of the empire state building. Below that are some before and afters.