Since its inception and integration into the workforce (for woman at least) the white shirt has always been underestimated. I, myself have been guilty of throwing one on in the case of having no inspiration or anything else ironed. Still, even if some (one) of these style(s) are wholly impractical and frivolous, the fundamental concept is to recreate the shirt’s definition. Though not work-appropriate casual lunches and holiday getaways are the perfect destination for these looks. For each outfit the constant piece is the gap white shirt, a staple item for anyone.

This look integrates a full pink tulle skirt, incorporated in by a denim belt and pale pink cami. The shoes are suede booties and though I didn’t here, colored tights set the mood for fun and a colder climate!

It’s all in the details. Faded skinny trousers in cackey goldy-bronze pumps  and stacked long necklaces (vintage finds). Simplicity in all its glory (though I couldn’t resist the bling). In the spirit of including novelty or sentimental pieces in this, the pearl and plastic bunny necklace, represents children’s dress up with a somewhat elegant twist.