Breakfast has always been an awkward meal. Considering the majority of people are half asleep when they partake in their first meal of the day, or skip it altogether depending on time constraints, its ended up with a less than promising reputation. My routine cereal rut, ended abruptly, when a snow day made everyone yearn for a change. This morning the neighborhood now was transformed into an almost comical, toy town village. It called for less than typical meal times. I whipped up  this recipe on a whim (and impatient relatives). It’s straightforward, it’s sweet, it’s melt- in- your- mouth cinnamon toast.

The recipe is so ludicrously simple, I didn’t even bother with adjustments, The Children’s baking book (a classic haha) states:


1 tsp ground cinnamon

2-3 tsp sugar

1 egg per slice of toast

2 tsp vegetable oil

Slices of bread (2 per person)


1. Whisk together the ground cinnamon, sugar and the eggs. Dip and coat the slices of bread in the mixture. Fry  in vegetable oil over medium heat till golden brown.

2. Here’s where we get creative, nutella, jam, powdered or regular sugar, peanut butter and maple syrup all compliment the toast as a topping. Serve with hot chocolate on frosty mornings or as a midnight snack with cold milk. Really that’s it.